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Cloth Diapers- A Guide for New Parents

Every new parent will agree that diapers are an indispensable part of initial parenting years. The new born infants pee and poop frequently hence diapers are a savior for both parents and babies alike in the early days for making life a little more stress-free.

Traditional cloth nappies have been in use for new born and older babies since ages. Although it serves its purpose, its efficiency is very less. After every session of pee or poop, it needs to be changed immediately as the wetness can be a breeding ground for infections. The babies feel uncomfortable and get cranky as their sleep or play routine gets disturbed. A large stock of cloth nappies always needs to be stocked up while managing the washing, drying, folding part can be a hassle for many parents. Another limitation is finding the ideal absorbent material that can not only absorb the fluids but also should be gentle on the sensitive areas of the baby.

These shortcomings led to the invention of disposable diapers that are now easily available worldwide. They became much popular compared to traditional nappies since these could be used for longer time and easy accessibility. However, it has its share of flaws too. The disposable diapers are made up of plastic and harsh chemicals that help in absorbing the water and keeping the diaper waterproof. These chemicals cause skin dryness and irritation when they come in contact with the baby’s soft skin. Lack of air circulation and reaction with chemicals leads to painful rashes in the baby’s genital areas. This can worsen if timely medical treatment is not made available. Disposable diapers are quite expensive and in the long run can burn a hole in one’s pocket. Apart from this, disposable diapers pose a big threat to the environment. These diapers remain undecomposed for several years and get collected in landfills which emit poisonous gases causing climatic changes as well as they pollute the ground water.

Looking at the adverse impact on the environment, an eco friendly alternative came into existence. These are commonly known as the Cloth diapers. They are affordable, convenient, comfortable and visually appealing.

Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers are reusable diapers made up of natural or manmade materials or a mix of both. They come in various sizes, shapes and eye-catching designs. Different types of cloth diapers are available in the market according to their features and purpose of use.
Natural substances used in cloth diapers are cotton, wool, bamboo, hemp,etc. while the man made materials used are polyester fleece, microfibers, suede cloth, etc. for preparing the absorbent and waterproof layers of the cloth diapers.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers
1. Eco friendly – Re-usability helps in reducing the landfills compared to disposable diapers and lessens the carbon footprint.
2. Budget friendly– Economic and cheaper in the long run
3. Comfortable– Soft and apt for the sensitive skin of babies. No itchiness or irritation.
4. Chemical free– Absence of harmful chemicals lowers the chance of diaper rash and dry skin. Also, pH of skin remains unaffected.
5. Helpful in potty training– Child experiences the feeling of wetness and realizes the need to communicate.
6. Fancy and attractive– Cute prints and colorful designs are available.

Usage/wash of Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers are very convenient and user friendly. Diapers have inbuilt velcro/snap buttons to hold them in place. Check the measurements and size before buying.  
They can be easily cleaned with water and baby friendly laundry detergents. The soiled ones need to be rinsed with plain water to remove the poop and then washed normally in the washing machines with the detergents. Additionally, they can be pre-soaked in hot /warm water to remove any stains.
Cloth diapers should be ideally changed after every 2-4 hours in new borns who pee/poop frequently.

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